The Savannah is a hybrid of the African Serval and a domestic cat. Stories of such matings of the tamed servals with domestic cats prompted a few breeders to consciously breed for this wonderful hybrid we have dubbed the Savannah. 

With a bottle raised serval male and several willing female cats, my quest was to produce the rare, magnificent, and majestic savannah cat.   With my experience and efforts it  still took over 3 years before I ever produced my first litter of savannah kittens.


















It takes a very rare and special domestic queen to produce a litter of bouncing baby savannahs. One would think the resulting kittens would be large but they are actually smaller than normal domestic kittens. I have just noticed they are a bit longer as they take this after the serval. To say the least they are beautiful from birth! It truly feels like a religious experience when a litter of savannahs is born.
If the good Lords willing and the creek don’t rise you may be among the few and the proud to produce a litter of healthy, beautiful baby savannah’s.

  I have successfully raised and shown Bengal cats since 1990 but nothing can compare to the absolute passion I have for this magnificent hybrid called the Savannah. The average family both legally and realistically cannot enjoy the companionship of a purebred African Serval thus the dire need for this hybrid breed. The savannah (unlike the serval) will use the litter box without fail and can co-exist with your family and other pets thus quenching your desire for the exotic looking cat without the headaches of a pure exotic. 

  The serval is between 30 to 40 lbs and the domestic cat around 10 to 12 thus producing a first generation cross that matures around 15 to 25 lbs. The subsequent generations of savannahs will decrease in size until hopefully someday in the next 20 years ‘we get it right’.

In 2001, the Savannah was accepted for registration status with The International Cat Association. In 2002 TICA accepted the f3 and above generation Savannah’s for Evaluation Status at shows with other domestic cats. 

Savannah’s are extremely intelligent, inquisitive, loving, interactive, personable, and stunningly beautiful. They are the ultimate feline, in my opinion the cat of the New Millennium!  I am as passionate about my savannah’s as I am about life so when you talk to me, expect to share in the enthusiasm of this wonderful new breed..