Savannah Photos

Presently we produce mostly f2 kittens.  Having been active in the cat fancy for many years, I've learned a lot about breeding and the importance of keeping and producing type.  The Savannah is supposed to be bred within the guidelines of a Savannah Standard that has been accepted by TICA.  You will notice how closely the 'look' or 'type' of my kittens resemble the African Serval.  This is not by accident, it is by breeding together the correct two cats to achieve the desired look.  

There are far too many Savannah Breeders these days that are not taking the pains necessary to breed toward the standard.  In many cases, they are breeding their f1 females back to purebred males of some breed, mostly bengals.  Breedings like this adds too much of a percentage of another breed into the kitten.  It will take away the desired look and produce what I consider a bad bengal considering it is now 75% bengal.  It puts undesired recessive genetics into our bloodlines i.e. glitter, rosetting, small ears, concave profiles, etc.

If you are only wanting a pet by all means choose the kitten that touches your heart.  If you are wanting to enter into a breeding program.  Please do your research before purchase and plan your program to help the breed progress.