The Girls 



Standard Black and White Parti Poodle

Freckles was very hard to locate as I wanted an AKC Black and White Parti Poodle with the non-fading black gene.  Well, welcome to TX Miss Freckles.  Her pedigree didn't let her down!  Her coat is so dense, this is what show dogs are made of.  Miss Freckles doesn't want to be a show dog, she wants to be a Mommy.  Each time I bottle a kitten, she is right there watching and sleeps by their cage.  I haven't done it but I think she would be happy in their cage cuddling with them.  So looking forward to her first puppies, they should be absolutely outstanding!!


Delight aka Dee Dee

Standard Black and White Parti Poodle.   Dee Dee was also difficult to locate with AKC breeding rights.  She is my little love bug always following me around from room to room making sure she doesn't miss a thing.  That cute little while pom pom tail is always up in the air.  I'll swear Dee Dee smiles so much her little brown eyes twinkle.  Dee Dee is a smaller standard around 42 lbs. as not every household can easily accommodate a dog over 60 lbs. I am anxiously looking forward to little black and white bundles of fluff from her and Winston!!