About Joykatz

1998 recipient of the Visionary Award

   In October 1998 at the On Safari bengal congress 4 Joykatz kitties placed in the top 10 adult class, with the female RW SGC Joykatz New Millenium taking top honors.  In the kitten division 4 kittens either from one or both Joykatz parents placed in the top 10 kitten class with Joykatz Adrenalin taking top honors. In August 1999 at the ‘High on Cats’ bengal congress in Denver it was a Joykatz female taking best cat and in the kitten division was a Joykatz male that sired the top winning kitten of the show. On Safari 2000 we brought out our ‘best yet’ male.  Joykatz Dante placed 4th in the congress and was voted as the Breeders Choice Best Bengal Head.  Dante went on to have an outstanding show season finishing 3rd Bengal Internationally and 4th Allbreed Cat in the South Central Region.  I feel fortunate that the many years of labor and dedication has rewarded me with being able to contribute such beautiful award winning kittens to the breed.

   Joy Peel  is a member of both TICA and TIBCS. Joy served a term as treasure for TIBCS and  on the Bengal Breed Committee of TICA. Joy was also honored as the 1998 recipient of the Visionary Award. This award is especially dear to me as it was my peers that voted to acknowledge my accomplishments. Assisted by her cornerstone marble stud ‘Lamborghini’, Joy was instrumental in the recognition of marbled Bengals for championship status. Toting poor old Lamborghini from one show to another, doing what was necessary to promote the marbled Bengals.

   I pride my self on my reputation, on producing quality cats, and always try my best to give an honest evaluation of my kittens. All kittens come with a contract and replacement guarantee. They will have all their shots/worming/etc. according to their age. It is very important for me to find the perfect kitten for interested buyers.   I have a small yet very serious group of Bengals in my program.  I maintain pure Bengal lines, doing no out crossing to other domestic breeds. I was the first to bring the Phantom Leopard Cat line to the 4th generation. From precious pets, to spectacular show prospects, I strive to place kittens that display the awesome appearance of little living room leopards, but with the personality of the most loving pussycats.

In 1995 I decided to venture into yet  another hybrid feline called 'the Savannah cat".  This cat is the derivative  of the cross between a domestic cat and the African Serval.  This hybrid has been named the "Savannah" after the Savannah plains in Africa, home to the Serval.   Obviously I too became passionate about this extremely exotic looking yet gentle breed. 

   Over the years I have worked in many areas in the development of the Savannah as well as getting it recognized as a breed in TICA.  The Savannah has now obtained Championship Status in TICA.  I am very proud that alongside Lorre Smith of Afrikan Savannah's all those long trips toting several generations of savannah's each has come to fruit.

   Just when I thought I was done, in spring 2012 I dove head first into yet another breed.  This time, one of my own creation.  I had been letting the possibilities of this bounce around in my head a good 4 years without acting upon it.  I found the right foundation male then boom.....here we go again!!  It is my dream to combine the 4 hybrid cats together to make one breed.  I  have always wanted to call them Legendz Katz as I think of old timers sitting around a campfire telling of the time a bobcat bred one of their barn cats or in Africa when sitting around the campfire the serval bred their domestic cat.  Of course in Asia where spotted cats roam freely the Asian Leopard Cat has bred those.  The Jungle Cat hybrid I haven't quite had that dream or 'fantasy'  So maybe I am on safari in Africa and my domestic female feline is with me.  As I sleep, she sneaks out of the tent and a very handsome Jungle Cat sweeps her off her feet.  Hey...it is my dream/fantasy so hide and watch the next few years and see what unfolds.   One year down, I am pleasantly surprised how the exotics combine and that is only combining 2.  Last year I kept back 3 females with 2 hybrids each in them.  I can now combine the 3rd!!  Are you getting excited to see the results? 



Joykatz Adrenalin

RW SGC Joykatz New Millenium