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    This page updated Dec. 28, 2010




I’ve had Bengals, regular domestics, Maine Coons, Chaussie’s, Mau’s,  Oriental Shorthairs, and Serengeti’s in my program as I developed my Savannah line.  So obviously I’ve had several of all the generations of Savannah’s and BY FAR,  none can compare to the intelligence and overall ability to make the PERFECT pet than the f2 Savannah.  That is why you will find the kittens I offer for sale are mostly f2 Savannah's.  I know they are expensive but so are my 'pet horses'.  What price does one place on a family member and that is what they will quickly become.    When raised the way I do, they think they are human, they are extremely social and super intelligent.  I fully train my babies to step out of the carrier and into your household  taking over your lives thus enriching each and every day.  <evil grin>

Our little f2 Savannah kittens are pulled between 3 and 4 weeks and I finish raising them on a bottle.   I've found the results are kittens that are VERY social and people oriented, they think they are human when they leave here, they don't know they are cats, they think they are kids!! 

 I've tried it both ways, this can really tie me to the house for a couple of weeks with each batch but the results are unbelievable and I just can't go back to letting the F1 Mom raise them!! 

The f2's will come with their first walking jacket as they are so socialized and intelligent, they can be walked like dogs...some even learn to jog!!  They will become such a loving part of your family....why would you possibly want a kitten that was not raised in this manner?  They will be totally litter box trained when they leave here as I do not let them near any rugs or carpeting during training.  This assures this will be a permanent learned behavior.  They come with a contract guaranteeing their congenital  health for 3 years, temperament,  and a Vet certified Health Certificate.  



I currently (Dec. 2010) have two f1 bottle raised bengal females available as spayed pets...please see my bengal kitten page.






My f2 females as spayed pets are 3500 and the males are 4500.  My f3 kittens are 2000.


Currently on my waiting list is first pick f2 male .  To get on the list is initially 500.  Once the kittens are born and you choose one, it is an additional 500 making your total deposit 1000.  The kittens need to be paid in full by the time they are 9 weeks old.  I ship between 10 and 12 weeks depending on my evaluation of each kitten individually.  Obviously size or age doesn’t matter…it is how they develop emotionally.  Some kittens are just needier than others for a week or two more.  I refuse to send a baby out of here until I am sure they will just bounce right out of the carrier into the arms of their new family.  Twenty years at this…I am not easily fooled.  <grin>  I would much rather have a prospective parent nagging me to ship their kitten than a frantic one who’s kitten arrived and is now so stressed it hides, won’t eat or drink which will cause NOTHING but potential health risks and MAJOR worry and stress on my part.  Nope…not me…I am the expert and I am the one who determines when the kitten is ready to leave it’s siblings, home and everything it feels comfortable.






Some of spring 2010 kittens.  My girls should start breeding any day now.  I can hardly wait for babies!!

Delenn x Zane

DOB 03-10-10 














Delenn x Zane



dob 03-10-0-10

going to England.....


This little girl is not as rich a golden color as sister "Dark" and not as light as sister 'Cheetahhh'.  Her pattern seems to be almost identical to Cheetahhh.  They are going to be fun trying to tell them apart.   She seems to have a very long straight profile like the serval.   Anyway...there is plenty of time later to learn who is who...I'm just ecstatic my first kittens of the year are here and doing so well.
























Delenn x Zane



going to England.....

dob 03-10-0-10

The other two little girls look so similar at this stage but this one seems to have a very pale blonde undercoat and bunches of dark little spots all over her reminding me of a tiny little Cheetah....Cheetahhh is going to England!!

















 Sterling x Zane dob 03-15-10 (F2 kittens)













Sterling x Zane

F2 boy

"Dark Vader"

dob 03-15-0-10


He is ready to go!!!

This little fella is very much in his fuzzy stage but he is going to have a very light background with dark charcoal or black spots.  Talk about going to be a stunning adult like his Mom Sterling and he is Mr. Talkative!!  He is very socialized and will make a wonderful pet.













Servalarie  x Zane 1 kitten!!











Sterling x Zane

F2 boy


dob 06-01-10


He is incredible!!!

Servalarie is just one HUGE girl and I suspicioned she was pregnant but the same thing earlier this spring so I opted to not move her from her enclosure and stress her.  Anyway, she was acting funny one evening so in the middle of the night when I went to check her, here was the most beautiful little kitten!  He has such rich golden base color with extremely contrasting black spots.  His coat is unusually clear and tight to his body.  He will truly be an outstanding f2 Savannah.  Being the only child, he is fat as a little frog!!











Aquilia due to be bred this spring

Esmeralda due to be bred this spring for(F3 kittens)

VooDoo due to be bred this spring


Uma to be bred this spring





How Big do F2's Get?


           Joykatz Cleo                                           Joykatz Hunter is now 21 lbs.



Joykatz Amee and Joykatz Kylee 



I am always being asked how heavy the F2's get. It is not so much their weight but their height and length. The F2 females above are all about 12 lbs. 



F1's  14" at shoulders  15" torso only

F2's  13" at shoulders  14" torso only

F3's  12" at shoulders 14" torso only




I pull my babies from their Mom's about 4 weeks old and finish them on the bottle.  This insures they are little love bugs when they leave here.  During this time spent bottling my babies, each and everyone of them become very precious and dear to me.  Please don't be offended if I ask somewhat personal questions about you, your family,  age of children, age and type of existing pets, space available for play, and time spent away from the home working .  I am just trying to determine if indeed your home and lifestyle will be a suitable fit for one of my precious babies.

 I let my kitties go to their new homes when they are between 10 and 12 weeks old or even longer if I feel that particular kitten is not ready to leave the other kittens and it's familiar surrounds.  Just like kids, they mature at different rates.  It NEVER fails that the new parents get anxious and try to talk me into shipping the kittens to them earlier.  I've learned over the years that more times than not this leads to a disaster.  When the kittens leave here before this age, many times they stress then get digestive problems causing diarrhea.  This is hard on the baby and a Vet bill for the new owners not to mention the worry it puts on me.  So if you want a kitten from me please understand I do this not because I need more kitties to clean up after each day, certainly because I don't have any cats to love on, and bet me I would LOVE to be able to go ahead and have the money...I wait this long because it is what is best for the babies.  They will still be very small and very much babies when you get them.  When they are young they need the other kittens for security.  As a group they learn together and do so much better than pulling one away from the other kittens when they are young.  Many times the younger kittens learn from the older ones and are even able to leave here sooner than the usual 10 weeks!  I have absolutely no respect for breeders who let their kittens go at a young age.  They will tell you a bunch of malarkey like you need to get the kitten when it is very young so it will bond with you.  What this translates into is I didn't bottle feed this kitten and it is a hissing, scratching little toot...you take it young and it will have a better chance of growing into a somewhat socialized adult.  I've raised kittens 17 years now and they all  need this extra time before going to their new homes.

  A word about deposits.  

IF you decide you can not live without a kitten and want to place  a non-refundable deposit on the kitten.  This is your commitment  to me and the future of this kitten.  It tells me  that you have full intentions of giving this kitten a lifelong home.  At that point, I take the kitten off the market.  If anything should happen with the health or development of the kitten out of the norm, I will refund the deposit or let you choose another kitten if you wish.  If the timing turns out to not be right for you, we can transfer this deposit to another kitten.  Should you find another kitten or decide you purchased this kitten on a whelm and decide you can't really give a good home to the kitten, it is only fair that you forfeit the deposit.   Please think long and hard before making a commitment that this is something you truly want.

thank you,


Please check  http://hybridpride.org/ to see if ownership of hybrid felines is legal in your state or county.  Although I have never heard of  a Savannah cat being confiscated (and I hear everything) I just want to be responsible and let you make an informed decision about purchasing a Savannah kitten.  If you are worried about confiscation but still want a savannah kitten, you might consider getting a lower generation Savannah that doesn't  look like it walked right out of the jungle.


  Maybe this is why I'm looking for husband #3??



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