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Updated 09-19-14

 Legendz Katz located in Brady TX


This is our foundation stud...Bobo who 3 generations back has a bobcat heritage.  He is where we begin, our Savannah male Zeb will take over with the 3 females I kept back  spring '12 on our quest to combine all 4 hybrid cats (the Jungle Cat, Bobcat, African Serval, and the Asian Leopard Cat) into one really exotic and very special kitty that will be low enough generation from the wild cat thus it will fit into any household/heart.  This is the second season of my journey to create this magnificent cat.  I can usually only combine 2 hybrids at once but what I've done so far is beyond my expectations in type, temperament, size and exotic appearance!!!

'What limits us is a lack of vision'

                                                  Joel Osteen


"Bunny boy"

dob 4-18-14




This sweet boy has bobtail, curled ears, and extra toes.  He is super friendly and will make someone a fantastic buddy.  He is large for his age thus I expect him to be a very large adult like his grandpa Bobo.  He has bobcat and asian leopard cat as the two exotics in his background.  He has all his shots and is ready to go.

dob -14



This little girl has it all!!  Curled ears, poly feet, and bobtail not to mention a beautiful color and sweetness.

dob -14



This little girl has everything but the curled ears.  She was a bit camera shy so I had to hold her this way so you could see her huge feet.  She wasn't too keen on that obviously.  Sweet girl and beautiful colors and look.



From here down to the end of the page are previous kittens that have already found homes.  I just put these photos up so you can see the range of colors I've been getting.


These babies are a cross that combines the bengal (Asian Leopard Cat hybrid) with the Highland Lynx (Bobcat hybrid)   They turned out adorable!  Some had straight ears, some had straight feet, some had both!!  Thanks to Bobo, I have 2 more litters coming...one in July and one in August!!  Kittens will be between 500 and 1000 depending on how the genes fall......


These are previous kittens.



  These are previous kittens.

These are 2 of the 3 kittens my f1 charcoal bengal Shadow had when she slinked through the small gate opening as only an Asian Leopard Cat or an F1 bengal can do!  Her little pudgy belly I can see she has done it again...don't know when she was in heat as they are pretty secretive so not sure of the due date.  I'm guessing another month??   I kept a little charcoal curled ear, poly feet dolly face for my program and I need to get photos of her.  Shadow and Bobo kittens are like cotton candy...ya just wanna EAT THEM UP!!!



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Walking Jackets    Legendz Katz    Photos

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